HTC – Handset Servicing issues

I have submitted my HTC Desire U handset in kolkata service centre on 29th Aug. My Job no. is 2611. They told it would take 8-10 days as the handset will be sent to bangalore. Now it has been more than 23days the handset has not been repaired citing reasons that the part damaged needs to be imported and they will deliver the handset after 30th september. Why was i not informed by the service centre within 10days that they will need more time? Also why can’t they just replace the handset if they need another 10days for repairing. If they will require more time in future will i have to wait again? If it takes 6 months to import the part will i will have to wait? This is disgusting. I need my Handset on tuesday 23rd Sep at any cost or else i need compensation for another handset that i was forced to buy for the delay caused by HTC.

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