Confident Group — interest not paid

Due to personal emergency, I have cancelled confident olive, bangalore in February. We requested for the initial payment in a month’s time still they took 2 months saying we have our own policies. But now they have not refunded the interest part inspite of handing over all the required documents. I have been following with sales team but no proper response till date. I keep calling them but my calls either are not answered or I would get the same response, “senior manager not in town or it will happen in a weeks time”. Whether the sales team is aware of what one week’s time is ? I’m in great stress and disappointed, all because of this. When they want their payment, they will pressurise the customers and get it by any ways. But when they need to repay why there is so much delay ? Will the company pay some extra compensation for my long wait, stress and for the phone calls which is of no use.

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