Eicon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – The company has charged the amount of Rs.1500 as the fees of Documents Verification and Account openings.

Reported By: Shivansh Gupta

Contact information:
Eicon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Gurugram

My name is Shivansh Gupta. I was invited for the interview from some HR Sanjana to plot no 121 of Gurugram on 18 Dec 2023 . In the office I met HR Diksha who took my interview and asked me to pay Rs.3565/- as the fees of Documents Verification and Account opening and told me that the amount is refundable. At that moment I didn’t have the whole amount so I paid only 1500 to start the process. I was invited for the vacancy of a Receptionist where is was told that I would get the salary of 18-24 k. Later when I get to know about the scam of the company I went to the office and asked for the refund so some Rajesh sir told me that I have to send an Email to the company’s email id for the refund. I followed the process but I didn’t get any response I called them but the number is still switched off. I have the contact of the owner of the company named Deepak 8700636870. Also, when I reached the office on 29 Jan 2024 I got to know that the company has been shifted from the building and around 10 people visit the building everyday for their refund. The company was there for just 6 months and has looted many people in the duration. I and one of those people who has been looted by the company. I think we should should form a whatsApp group and add every person who is complaining for the company and find the new address of the company or the address of one of the main employees named Rajesh, Diksha and Deepak and should together visit the office or their home with police and ask for the refund of every one of us. I’ve also attached a photo of the payment as the proof of rhe fraud done with me.

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