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Reported By: Swati Sood

Contact information:
Enrich salon
Pune, Maharashtra

I got qod treatment recently on 17-18 August 2019 from enrich salon, Amanaura Mall, Pune. The treatment is supposed to infuse protein in your hair while making your hair frizz free and smooth. It is supposed to long for 30-35 washes. After I washed my hair first time after the treatment, my hair was back to normal as it was before the treatment, as if the entire treatment cream has washed away. I fail to understand that how is it even possible, that in one wash my hair is again frizzy. The only rational explanation to it is that either they used fake product or very less quantity of the product due to which it could not give the desired result. Even after the treatment my hair was not shining or frizz free. But I thought that may be blow dried my hair, that is why it is a lil frizzy. But when I washed my hair I was shocked to see my hair getting back to normal. They have charged rs 7200.So I just wasted Rs 7200 for nothing. My hair looks exactly the same as it was. A treatment which was supposed to last for 30 washes didn’t even lasted for 1 wash.

They must be exposed. They are befooling fool. Also on top of that they make you sign some form before the treatment so that if anything goes wrong, we can’t claim anything from them. This practice itself shows that a lot of people must have complained to them about the effective results of this treatment. That is why they make their customers sign such form.

I have attached pictures of same treatment ( in 2018)

which I got from some other salon. The results were amazing.( in pink top). My hair looks so shiny, lustrous, nourished and frizz free.

On the other hand, I have attached pictures of treatment I got from enrich. Hair looks the normal the way I have.

Anybody can make out the difference in results of the same treatment from different salons.

I request you to get in touch with me and give a refund of my money.


Swati sood

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