Etihad Airways – Flight EY141 from Abu Dhabi to Toronto (Oct 3rd)

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Reported By: Sergio Beristain

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Etihad Airways

To whom it may concern at Etihad –

What a strange disappointment this flight Ey141 from Abu Dhabi to Toronto was. After 4weeks travelling, I was very much looking forward to experiencing the quality reputation that I had associated with your airline.

What I experienced, however, was something more like a budget airline on its last legs.

The check-in staff was poorly groomed and quite unprofessional when we explained we wanted to carry-on our bags. (These same bags were permitted on our Etihad flight from Cairo to Abu Dhabi the day before). We ended up checking these bags to avoid a conflict.

There were two meal services – both of which were Indian curries. For the dinner service, the gentleman next to me was quite upset that for a second time he would not be eating meat (the chicken and beef were finished…again) and was told that the flight was a majority vegetarian so there just weren’t enough. I can stomach most airline food, but to be fed two curries, plus some raw bean salad (would you eat raw chickpeas, peas and kidney beans even if you weren’t cramped in a seat for 13 hours?) I was actually glad when the food was taken away. What was the point of being given silverware for such a lackluster meal service?

There was a horrendous crying child seated directly in front of me. For 13 hours, this child screamed and cried. The flight attendants spoke with the parents only on one occasion and then disappeared to the part of the plane where there was peace and quiet…at the back. The child kicked; the child shrieked; the child ran up and down the aisles…

After hour-7 of this screaming child, we discovered that at the back of the plane there were whole rows (whole empty rows!!) where the lucky few had chosen 4 full seats to lay down and sleep. Why is your flight designed to pack most people up at the front (I am 6’2″ and 190lbs) while leaving whole rows of seats empty to be used up by anyone who can grab them? Would a section for parents with young children be inappropriate?

The whole flight — from check-in to landing — was so discouraging given Etihad’s tremendous reputation. I will have trouble recommending or booking a flight with your company in the future.

Thank you,
Matthew Loney

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