Etisalat – Terrible billing

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Reported By: Murad Iqbal

Contact information:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I am an Etisalat eLife connection user for about 4 years. While their service is satisfactory, they routinely over bill customers. They add packages by themselves and keep billing. Their bills are the most confusing I have seen and an undergrad student can do a much better job creating a billing system than etisalat. None of the monthly bill formats and charges tally with each other. If you subscribe to their A service costing 300 per month, you will be billed 450 due to blah blah blah which is never ending. They will tell you that you are confused because our billing cycle is such that it generates 40 days bill every month, so the bill you receive in August is of complete July and 10 days from June. But then the bill I receive in September is also complete August plus 10 days from July. Does that make sense? Total crap.

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