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I am Vini from Hyderabad in 2008 we had given advance for an apartment to Golden Gate Builders for the Commune project in Hyderabad. However this project did not take off. Since then we have been following up with Golden Gate Builders for refund that we had paid in advance. The advance amount is 10 Lakhs, and the amount is with them for more than one and half year. The builder has been postponing payment. They have even shut their office in Hyderabad. We have written many mails and couple of stern mails to the ED and CEO and the finance director, but they too have not initiated any action.
If there are any other people in situations like we have been trough, if so, then we can get together and Initiate any legal action towards Golden Gate Builders (GGPL).
Question for the forum: What course of action is recommended for us?

It is so pathetic that a company like Golden Gate Properties which talks about ideal mission statement on their website should behave in such an unprofessional manner. They do not reply to your mails about refunds nor do they give any timelines for refunds even after a year and half.

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