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Reported By: Samantha

Contact information: Sweden

I booked 2 round trips tickets from EWR to Cancun and back through on 4/20/21. This was supposed to be our honeymoon. After our wedding I came down with COVID and had to postpone our trip. I canceled the tickets through United Airlines themselves on 11/27/21 and received an email saying I would have flight credits and how to use them. I canceled directly with United in order to receive the flight credits because I knew the tickets were not refundable. My flight credits were in a different currency but I was supposed to have SEK 6,220 credits. Which comes out to $676.89 USD.

I went to use them a few weeks ago and no credits to be found. I called United who informed me the tickets had been refunded and to contact So I call who informs me they would need to check into it and I may not get a refund at all. did not even cancel my trip on their end until after I spoke with them on 1/14/22. Next email I receive is from a third company, I have never heard of, who says my refund is being processed. Then I am refunded $27.14. Out of $738, the original amount. I got in contact with them and and then received another refund of 142.00. Still not the amount we purchased the tickets for. I was told in order to get a full refund we have to contact United Airlines and get proof of how much was refunded and when.
I just got off the phone with United and they informed me that someone from the agency had requested the refund on our behalf. I did not want nor need the refund, I was happy with the flight credits. Which are now gone, and I am not eligible for now because someone had requested the refund in December and it’s been processed. I don’t know how or gotogate even knew that I canceled the flights because I did it directly through United Airlines themselves.
So now because the agency requested the refund, I have gotten a fraction of the amount we spent, and don’t have flight credits to use. I am not sure why the agency thought they could request a refund without my permission or knowledge, and then proceed to not even give the refund to me at first. The only thing refunded were the taxes. This process has cost me hours of time wasted on the phone and sending emails and complaints. Someone needs to make this right by sending us the remainder of our money, or giving us flight credits. They canceled my tickets without approval by me and in turn made us lose our flight credits.


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