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Reported By: Katoch

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Growth School

They offered a Performance Marketing Course, which I bought. I was unsure because I wasn’t interested in it, so I frequently questioned whether it would give me the proper lead experience. On daily calls, sometimes twice daily, they used to assure me that the proper support and guidance would be provided.

I even didn’t get a confirmation of my payment when I bought the course, and no one who used to answer the phone was available because they were all busy.

After some follow-up, I received the credentials and a ton of videos.

Although they had stated that there would be lecturers, the first week there was no class, and on Sundays there was only time for questions and answers.

What’s the point of signing up for the course if someone can learn from videos on YouTube?

Additionally, their videos are so non-interactive that I had to watch them three times in order to understand them and refer to YouTube for any basic knowledge I lacked before I even considered enrolling in a course.

As a working professional, I also had an office and was required to watch their videos, but they were so lengthy that I quickly lost interest because, once the payment was made, there was no longer any personal support. I won’t be taking this course, and my 20,000 will be completely wasted.

I regret buying it, and when I was studying, YouTube and other resources provided more knowledge than Growth School did.


How to file a complaint against Growth School?

* Go to page
* Write Growth School in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Growth School.

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