Hashmi Dawakhana – they are cheaters

plz aware of hashmi products …..they are cheater nothing else……I used sikander e azam for four months but I got nothing result ……don’t belve in the comnts…..

3 thoughts on “Hashmi Dawakhana – they are cheaters”

  1. Exactly you are right, i use it for two months, but could not gain width, it was rarely half Inch, but it make me to stay long in bed.

    1. If You have not noticed even a bit of growth in your penis after one month treatment then hoping that within the next one month you will see some noticeable size increased. Some patients get the desired penis size after completing full course of three months. We are pretty confident that you will see results soon. Visit our dawakhana to get extra advice to gain better results or call at 9690666166.

  2. Hashmi Dawakhana is not a cheater. They will deliver permanent results. You can also use its products to get longer lasting effects.

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