HDFC BANK Credit Card – harsment

Dear Sir,
I have use HDFC Credit card, limit was 75000Rs but with finance charges it was 92000. it was very hard for
me because in my business i took very loss and now i was financially very week. and all my family depend on only me.
and also my daughter has heart problem doctor said i should be operation to her. so i had requested to hdfc bank team. for the settlement and got the settlement later .satettlement amount 51000 in 6 Emi against my total outstanding.
i have paid my first EMI 17500 then second EMI 5000 unfortunately my third EMI is return that time i was in hospital for
taking treatment to my daughter.
but sir recovery agent has calling to me again and again and touchpaper to me and saying settlement will cancel .
also i am saying to him when i will free from hospital i will pay but they can’t understand . so please help me.
see the below my credit card detail .
Name:- Saudagar Damodar Bevanale
Credit Card No.:-4854990000906272
Thanks & Regards
Email- [email protected]

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