Health Sanctuary – Fraud and cheat company

Hello victims of Health Sanctury i must say this is the most cheap business company i tend to know about Health Sanctuary by a friend who have given it to health sanctuary as tenant in chandigarh now they are realy cryng everyday people in health sanctuary r victims of their lies their money is looted by them and they dnt care they havnt paid money to security to the land lady to the laundary to the workers all neighbourhood is spoiled by health sanctuary its onlu shubi hussain and chaudhary who r running such a pitty business now there is one case everyday in health sanctuary one person shouts and screams their for their services for their payments even they dont have heart i and many people along with me (in hundreds) have come together to close this centre from chandigarh whenevr any client comes to them we nearby people guide them about the centre and it is becoz we can save others being victim now i with my hundred brother and sister are united to expose fake fraud and illegal receipts they give as slips system to be shut and we could present shubi and chaudhary to court for wrong pracrice( they have no medicine for meso, no doctor, no machine working , no satisfied client, no person who s not cheated , no laser, no approved bills and even top of it they dnt pay rent till3-4 months dnt pay to staff wrong commitments to cliuents no services after taking money so i being citizen of chandigarh want other victims to join me and to make others aware of this cheat company please write reviews who are victims ( please health sanctuary dont make false id and write up comments )

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