Jawed Habib & Beauty Salon, City Center 1, Kolkata – Complain regarding misbehave and misconduct from a lady attendent of Jawed Habib & beauty Salon

I visited Jawed habib’s CC1 salon on 8th dec and i was deeply dis appointed due to the staff behaviour. Its a suggestion for you people to teach your staff some manners to attend the customers. One of the lady staff named REBECA (the name mentioned by her when asked) litteraly misbehaved with us. She was so rude and disgusting to talk. And when we asked to have someone else to attend her she told to get the hair cut or to move out. This disgusted us even more. Then she started doing the haircut but in middle of that she attened someone else and asked another boy (who was a trainee to attend us). I have been to most of the famous saloons like Head turnner or Loreal, naturals, etc but none of them have such unproffesional and illiterate staff. I was ashamed to take my freind over there. Its natural that you can commit mistake but to be humble is what very imporatnat. I had written my feedback in customers feedback book kept over there but i know that wont be noticed, So for that reason I am writing it here because we really felt insulted by that lady attendent. It is a request to take an action on this as this is spoiling your name and your work. That lady was a complete illiterate and non proffessional person. I still feel disgusted and would never like to turn back to that saloon of yours.

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