Jawed Habib – Payment and Style selection and Misbehaviour

1) Payment I gave Rs 500 for tendering the change. The cashier said they did not have the change of Rs 250. So, I took the change from my purse and asked them to return my Rs 500. They started abusing me that I have already taken the note. Since there was only one Rs 500 in my purse; I opened my purse and asked them to find my note. Thereafter the people making payments also started saying that she(the cashier) had not returned my money( she was glaring and abusing me). Then I got the money refunded. I dread going to the Habibs. 2) When I asked for a machine cutting the side hair of my son, they refuce and get angry and offended. Another reason for dreading going to the Habibs. 3) Misbehaviour:- When I go for a package treatment; they misbehave very badly. The hair and foot and manicure, facial etc requires such long stay and… Please do something about it. 4) The fast hair cut in Rs 99 is another pathetic story…Once is a lifetime experience… Thanks

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