Jumia lemiguo 11 – Defrauded of my money

Reported By: Jessica

Contact information:
Jumia lemiguo 11 109 Adeniyi Jones Ave. Located in Ebute Metta.
https:// jumia11.cc/index/user/register/invite_code/CQUF7H

I was on Facebook watching some videos when I saw an ad about an online offer for a stay at home job. I tapped on the page and it took me to Whatsapp were I began chatting with a woman. She started telling me things about the website and tgw company and how they were looking for new workers who would just be clicking orders .She sent me the link on which I applied. Then I sent her a screenshot of my successful registration and my work account was credited with #2000 I was to complete 5 missions for the day but before I could access the missions I had to recharge my account with #6000 , which i did. I began taking orders but after sometime I couldn’t anymore and when I asked why they said I had to credit my account with an extra #4137.68 and I did again. I was then sent to telegram to continue the journey with another female who goes by the name Juliet. She began guiding on how I would get my missions done ans withdraw successfully. After I was done completing the mission she said I was good to withdraw. When I started the withdrawal process I found out I couldn’t withdraw, it kept on getting rejected and rejected over amd over again. I got really confused and I went to ask Juliet and she told me that the system was under temporary upgrade/update so I have to wait for it to be done before I can withdraw. Its all been really strange to me cuz the amount I put in total was #10137.68. I just really want my money back, please. Im a student and I just want my money. Thank you

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* Go to page
* Write Jumia lemiguo 11 in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Jumia lemiguo 11.

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