Jumia Lemogou online rebate mall – Unethical behavior

Reported By: Okemefuna Chioma Cheerful

Contact information:
Jumia Lemogou online rebate mall No city there
https:// jumia11.cc/index/user/login

Two days ago on 8th of May 2024 around 9am,I saw an advertisement on work at home and part-time jobs on Facebook which I made interest I known and I was asked to join the WhatsApp which I did.I received a message concerned the procedure and I was also ask to register through the link.After the registration, the account was credited with #2,000 later I was asked to credit it with #6,000 if not I won’t be able to do the work which is to complete the task and improve sales rates in jumia which I did.I was referred to another person by named Judith @judith 9966 on the telegram who put me through on how to perform the task and I started the task and at a time,I was asked to pay another #6,000 that my money was not enough to task which I did at the end of the task,I withdraw the sum of #15,000 after that she told me to check my dashboard that I will be credited with #5,000 which i saw then I was asked to pay #12,000 to start the next vip 5 which I did after the first task in the VIP 5 I was asked to pay another #24,000 and also #12,000 which I did after that one ,the next one I was asked to pay #115,550 which I did only to find out the task I did was freeze and when I asked why she told me to make another payment #68,000 before the freeze amount will drop and I did and now I’m being asked to pay #531514.25.I’m having high blood pressure.The total amount I have lost is#231,550 borrowed money.Please assist me in tracking down this people.
Roxanne Hart -08155123838,this is the first agent that registered me.
The second agent that I discussed with on telegram is Judith @judith9966(+8880295634)
My desirable resolution of my complaint is request for refund.

How to file a complaint against Jumia Lemogou online rebate mall?

* Go to page
* Write Jumia Lemogou online rebate mall in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Jumia Lemogou online rebate mall.

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