Make India journey – fraud tourist package

Reported By: Bk Som

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Make India journey Delhi

it’s about our holiday package which we took from MIJ (make India journey)from 7 to 9th of June was three day and two night package but on the third day when we about to check out our hotel. We found out that our cab driver Mr Rajesh dalal ran away.We tried to call him many times but he didn’t picked up and then finally he turned it off.Then we called the owner of the cab and at first he said he didn’t aware about the driver and later both the driver and the owner switched their phone off.In mean time we called the MIJ group many time and instead of giving any solution they were asking us what they can do. senior staff of MIJ group instead of helping was very rude. we sat outside throughout the day and instead of getting peace from holiday we got menatal harassment. Also there were few precious things was there in the cab one Sony walkman (worth 5000 thousand) a steel tiffin box and blue spects.
as it was a package from MIJ everything was managed by them but unfortunately they never called us during the trip and on the day of incidence they just putting our call to somewhere and the people of MIJ specially Mr Amit kumar and Pulkit were very rude to us. the coordinator Mr hridya ram he was throughout the day was asking us what he can do and at last when we told them we gonna file complaint they texted us at 7pm to get volvo bus. from 11am till 6pm they found the solution to bear all the cost for our return journey not about our ruined trip and the mental harassment which we had throughout the trip.Instead of giving solution they accused us. It was a family trip where my brothers sisters came from their precious time slot to get a perfect family time but it went all in vain.MIJ didn’t came up with our expectations which we expected.
That was worst the experience we had.

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