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Make My Global Trip`

This company not worth of “Trust” word. They dont give importance to customer and there choice.

Let me tell you complete story what they did with us and how they are making “Fool” to others right now.Before starting anything I would like to bring this in your notice. This company is not any registered company with government neither with Tours and travel agencies club.

We have group of 10 peoples and we were planning to tour Goa.We did some online inquiry and got call from many of agency but unforuntally we selected “MakemyGlobalTrip” or rather i should call “MakemeidiotTrip”.

They called me and told me We can give you this package at better cost. Per person
it will cost only 4440 Rs. So total amount will be 4440 Rs.Apart from this We can give you railways confirm booking as well. We were really surprised by this commitment because our plan to tour GOA was on
26th Jan2017 and they gave this commitment on 31 Dec 2016.Normally, We dont get confirm ticket of railway but Representative of “MakemyGlobalTrip” told us She can provide us and there will not be any
problem.They called me around 9-10 times in day to provide detail and to get first ticket booking amount. We relied on her can gave around 9k in first installement on 29th Dec 2016. After providing money they did not contact us for a week. After week i called him then Representative of “MakemyGlobalTrip” told me please provide 16k then only they can book railway and Hotel.

We were shocked with her statement because as per earlier commitment which she gave to us according to that she must have done railway booking at least. Now, We were confuse what to do ? After many round of discussion with Representative of “MakemyGlobalTrip” we provided 16k. Another big wrong move from my side.

After providing mean they said we will give you railway booking in 1 Hour and Hotel booking in 48 hours.As exepcted nothing done even after one week. Till this we got to know that they have made us “Fool”. They blocked our number and as i said we were group of 10 peoples so many people called them but these stupid mooran of our country did not replied anything. After forcing sooo much… They did bus booking. Now, you must be thining from where this Bus booking come. According to explanation from”MakemyGlobalTrip” They were not able to get railway booking and thats the reason they did bus booking.

I was not happy but i was fine at least they did something.We asked him about Hotel Booking and Traveler booking they said “We can not do because there is no hotel room available right now. We can provide you but it will 60km away from Candolim beach or i would better suggest this hotel is not good so don’t book this.”

This statement was made on 24th of Jan before just 1 day of tour. Now you must think how they make us stupid. Because of these people we don’t have trust within our society.

We said Ok then please refund our company. They took 7 days for calculation how much they can refund.

After 7 days as expected “Sorry sir, We have not done yet. Please give some more time”
Till that day to today still have not received refund. Now they have blocked all our number and if we
call from some other number they are not ready for discussion and they are not giving there office address.

We have done customer complaint and police is still searching there office in Delhi.

So please don’t take there call or any packages.

I will excuse my all in appropriate words but we have been cheated and We will shout till Police catch him.I have posted this not because of frustration but because others who are going to buy something they should think twice in there mind.

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