Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt. Ltd – Misguided plan + left without service for a day during business trip+ unexpected bill

Airport representative misguided on plan. Never mentioned of free incoming plans. Secondly never mentioned about incoming SMS charges. they gave me plane of $30 voice with 300 minutes free incoming + $30 data for 14 days. The bill is Rs 18, 000+ for just 10 days (local US usage alone of Rs 11000) In the middle of the trip (6th Nov) i see that my mobile is not working. Leaving me no option, I had to use hotel room phone ($150) in US to call your customer care to India since my matrix mobile connection was stopped without my consent. Representative on phone in the morning EST time told me that due to high usage, my connection was stopped. However in one hour the phone will be active. It took the whole day. • Out of sheer harassment, I have migrated to prepaid plan with AT&T here for the rest of my business trip ( which is so much better with only $2 or Rs 120 UNLIMITED PER DAY CALL WITHIN US). If we compare it what Matrix has charged me ( Rs 14, 00 per day) It is insanely HIGH and FAULTY. CAN I FILE A REPORT AGAINST THEM. WHAT IS THE PROCESS TO GO TO CONSUMER COURT FOR THIS.

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