Matrix Cellular – Mis-selling and Financial fraud

Dear all

This is with reference to 3 SIM cards purchased from Matrix and subsequent lack in service, Mis-representation of facts and unauthorized auto-debit done from my credit card.

The details of case are –

I purchased 3 SIM cards – UK, France & Switzerland from Matrix Sales Executive Mr Vijay N Tiwari on 5th Sep. Before finalizing the same, i was provided the tariff sheet on mail, which clearly mentioned the Rentals as Rs 499, 299 & 299 respectively for the 3 SIM cards. I was also promised a discount of Rs 350 per card, as i was going to use Citi Bank Master Card and UK SIM rental to be Rs 299. Basis same, i decided to take the services of Matrix and use the SIM cards for my Europe travel from 6th Sep 2013 to 23rd Sep 2013.

However just before boarding the flight, i received am email from Matrix mentioning the tariff chart which was different and higher than that mentioned (emailed) by Vijay. I subsequently wrote a mail to Matrix mentioning the same and also requesting them to cancel the cards, in case tariff given by their sales executive Vijay is not valid. On that they replied that tariff as given in mail will be applicable and in case, i do not wish to take Matrix services, i will still need to pay Rs 376 (Rs 299 plu taxes) per SIM card as cancellation fees. I even emailed them the tariff sheet given by their Sales Executive.

Again, i cited the facts represented by their Sales Executive being different and hence no reason for charging me with cancellation charges and asked them to confirm the action to be taken by me. I also wrote to the Sales Executive Mr Vijay N Tiwari to sort it out internally and not cause me last minute hassles on my trip. He replied on email, that his team has processed Rs 299 plan for me !!! Their was no mention of other issues raised by me and also no confirmation on whether i should use the France and Switzerland SIM cards or not. By that time, i was already in UK and getting no satisfactory response from Matrix, have started using their UK SIM Card

On 14 Sep, i received a mail from Matrix that there will be no charges applicable for the UK SIM card.

During next few days, i did not get any emails from Matrix Support team or from Vijay but to my surprise and shock, got the bills for my 3 SIM cards. Needless to say, they were way beyond agreed rates and there was no discount applicable.

I wrote multiple times to Matrix support team as well as Vijay to sort out the things and not to deduct any amount directly from my Credit Card, but their was no response and the amount has been deducted.

Basis the above facts, i would like to file a Consumer Complaint against Matrix for the following –

1. Mis-representation of facts and Mis-selling – As tariff provided by their Sales Executive and support team were different
2. Causing Inconvenience and Hardship – As Matrix didn’t responded to my emails and caused a great deal of inconvenience, while i was out on vacation
3. Financial Fraud – As Matrix auto debited my credit card, when i have specifically asked them not to do so multiple times on mail.
4. Financial Fraud – As Matrix auto debited my credit card with UK SIM card charges, though they have specifically mentioned that there will be no charges applicable for the same

I would also like to point out that i have given enough opportunity to Matrix to take corrective action, but nothing has been done by them.

I would like to demand the following –

1. Refund of all the amount charged on my Credit Card
2. Compensation of Rs 50,000/- for causing mental harassment and inconvenience
3. Compensation of Rs 50,000/- for Financial Fraud – Auto Debiting my Credit Card without my approval
4. Discontinuance of the practice of Auto Debiting of Customers’ Credit Card by Matrix for future transactions
5. A public apology in the form of advertisement in a leading National daily for all other Consumers, who might have been affected by same non professional practices by Matrix

Sumit Jain
Mobile – 98200 54026

P.S. – All correspondence with Matrix team can be provided as and when needed. Various Service/Correspondence Request IDs issued by Matrix are – SU13090757, SU13090920, SU130910511 & SU131010117

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