Park Royal Holidays – These holiday provider are cheaters

Reported By: Sumeetpalsingh

Contact information:
Park Royal Holidays
Membership 12256

After numerous tries to book for five nights, the company remains unresponsive.You don’t even know which hotels and dates can be reserved once you purchase membership.Even if you ask the company to make reservations even three months in advance, they remain silent.

When you call, they claim they are unaware of reservations and that they should be directed to a different department.

They don’t have a reservation department phone number if you ask for one.

No member has access to the names of hotels or their availability; that information belongs to their department, which you can only reach by mail.

We don’t have any information about them, so members may be duped by them.

We should have access to a list of hotels and their available dates, so we’re asking all members to submit complaints.I’ve instructed them to make reservations in accordance with the availability of those slots.They were given the option to book the dates, but they were unable to.After much effort, they announce that there are only 2 nights left.What should a person do? They should spend a second time as much on travel and beg to book and pay for it again.


How to file a complaint against Park Royal Holidays?

* Go to page
* Write Park Royal Holidays in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Park Royal Holidays.

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