Reliance Communication Ltd – Arbritary Disconnection and False Billing Reliance Communication Ltd

Reliance Communication Ltd
Address : Midas House,Sahar Plaza,Andheri Kurla Road,J.B.Nagar
Dear Sir,

I was a subscriber to the reliance communication net services.

I had paid my bill for April 2013 before the due date by a cheque no. 980711 dated April 26,2013,

drawn on the ICICI bank .and the same was duly encashed by Reliance communication. (on 27 April

2013).The scan of receipt from RCOM and scan of bank statement showing that the cheque has been encashed are attached.

However, since beginning of May 2013, I started receiving calls from customer service agents of Reliance Communication to pay the bill for April 2013.

It was claimed by callers that the payment did not show in the information provided to the agent by Rcom’s billing section.

In spite provision of proof of payment, they abruptly disconnected my connection (on May 14, 2013), while I was in the middle of important transactions.

This caused me a lot of hardship and loss of opportunity.

Since then, I have sent several communications to various entities in RCOM, including Mr. Sootha of Rcom appellate authority.

I am attaching herewith scans of my e-mails for your kind perusal.
Sir, you will realize how callous attitude towards customer and utter insensitivity to an senior citizen has been shown by RCom staff, especially MS Mahalaxmi T of Customer care and Mr. Pankaj Sootha of RCOM’s appellate authority in Mumbai.

It was followed by a bill in June 2013, which, to my utter dismay, charged me for ‘post May 14 -disconnection period’.

They have been sending debt collectors to my residence where I stay with my wife (also a senior citizen) and lately there have implied threats of court action.

Mr. Sootha’s responses are not at all to the pertinent points raised by me and he is conveniently very silent on any compensation for my hardship.

I shall be grateful if you can help me to deal with such unwarranted harassment and unreasonable bills, for no fault at my end.

Thanking you in anticipation.


B/55,Ultra Society,Gupte Road,Mahim

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  1. network problem from 24.06.2014 till date on mob no. 9324230044, 9324732565, 9322971705. EVEN COMPLIANT TO APPELLATE AUTHORITY MUMBAI so many times but I get standard reply that the Techinical Team is working on. I am being one of the Shareholder of the Company. Now tell me where to approach to get my compliant resolved. Waiting for Positive reply from your end.