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Reported By: Pushpalatha Krishnamurthy

Contact information:
Tops from shein order no PXZ19808, LBL19808, AZZ1976

Shein has not refunded 8100 rupees from more than a month. They lied that they made a mistake and did not refund to the provide bank account. And told they will do paytm transfer. I told them to do it instantly. They say it is international transfer and will take 3-7 days. In paytm you cannot do international transfer. When I tell them that, they back track and say that find was transfered to my bank acct in Feb. I tell them that I can show my bank records and they disconnect the chat. I have screenshot of all the conversation with online support. I want these cheats out of business. I see now that this is their modus operandi. They do not refund.

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