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Reported By: sl.ptrn

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Singapore Airlines
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

From Singapore, i will go back to Dubai but i have a connecting flight to Philippines, my flight # is PR510. i have 1 carry-on bag and a paper bag of goodies from Singapore. The crews in gate 35 insisted to check-in my bag though it does not exceeded the baggage weight limit. They said i have to because the aircraft is small and the space for bags is limited. i only have two bags- my carry-on bag and paper bag of goodies. i explained to them that i don’t want to check-in my bag because it is not intended for check-in. The bag doesn’t have lock and the bag material is not good. i told them as well that my flight is a connecting flight. i also pointed out my concern abot the issue in the PH airport that some crews are opening the bags and getting stuffs they find needful. i was told by one of the crews to just remove my valuables from the bag. So i have no choice but to oblige. i packed everything nicely and asked for a tie wrap from them just to keep the zipper from opening. i arrived 4am in Ph and my flight is 1:25 pm flight number PR658. i was complacent that my bag will be sent directly to Dubai as what airlines usually do for passengers with layovers! but to find out after waiting in the carousel for so long that my bag is still in PH! this is so disappointing! that bag has perishables! i wasnt adviced by anyone from SG crew in gate 35 that i have to claim my bag in the PH airport! and how would that be possible when after embarking we were headed to the connecting flight lounge! and there’s no baggage claim there! this is irritating. my loved ones are waiting for all the stuffs i bought from Singapore and i went home empty handed! and on top of that i wasted my time in the airport to process my claim for the bag! i was told by the officer in baggage information here in Dubai that SG changi crew only put my flight number to PH and not to Dubai! that’s why my bag is still there! please respond to me asap! my email add is

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