Sizzle Properties – Cheaters!!!!Beware of them

Hello All,

Please read the below carefully, We are their victims of big time cheating!

Please do not trust these cheaters, They are big time fake real estate guys in Bangalore. The entire layout is the victim of their trap. They recently sold a project in Medahalli. They attracted customers by claiming the property as BBMP A khatha. They promised to provide all the amenities. They were reluctant to put the amenities and other details in the agreement and registration copy. At the time of purchase there was no electricity, Water( Even the basic amenities are not provided) . They will force you to put pnly one month time in agreement for registartion, so that you will not get enough time to do your ground work about plot and builder. Finally you will end up in falling to their trap of breaching the agreement and forced to buy a cheap plot by paying hefty amount otherwise you are forced to loose 20% of agreement amount.They give nice reasons to get escape in providing the electricity, Water and so on

Once all the plots are sold, they raised their hands saying that they are nt responsible for getting A khatha it seems, we fell into their trap by buying B khatha plot by paying A khatha price, You can visit their last project in Medahalli to see their real picture. This is supposed to be their first project, they claim that they have completed this project but this one still doesnt have electricity, broken gate, damaged road, No drainage connections, drain covers. They expect people to begin the construction then thy will provide electricity it seems which is next to impossible. Finally they did a favour by laing one borewell for the entire layout.

Before buying plots from them check the below issues in their so called “successfully Completed Project – Medahalli”

1. Claimed khatha, “usually they market as A khatha which is not by any ways”.

2. Water -‘Name Sake”

3. Electricity – “Finally the plot owners should break their head during construction”.

4. Roads – “Life is until a lorry goes on it! “.

5. No Sewage Connection – “Only pit holes will be there without its actual connection to main drainages”

6. Gated Community – It is not a gated community which they claim. “A poor quality gate that will not stand beyond 2 months”.

7. Park/Childrens Area – “10 x 3 feet lawn they call it as park and children’s Area”.

8. No option for water storage in the layout.

9. No water pipe connections to individual plots

10. A small name sake security room, where he cant even stretch his hands. There is no toilet in it.

11. After sales their response it horrible, they are least bothered to your concerns.

12. They target people from other states so that they can threaten them, if they raise their voice for their rights.

13. They have a tie up with an 3rd party loan agent Girish who is a psycho and arrogant, moreover he will make you to pay processing fees and lands you in not getting the loan. You will be in a soup to breach the agreement and pay 20% penalty. In some cases if you get the composite loan, it will be only for site. While selling Sizzle advertises that they will get you A khatha, Later on they narrate a nice story for not getting it. In this line Bank will not fund for construction on a B khatha plot. They will force you to pay 2% of laon amount as commission to these agents.

14. If you have to construct house, They will force you to go for them.

15. Development/Conversion charges might not be paid. If dont go and enquire in the BBMP office.

16. No street lights/poles provided.

Finally you will pay the price of A khatha for a B khatha or Panchayath limits plots.

They even fool u by telling that they will give these commitments by writing on company’s letter head, These things will not stand for proof later. Be aware this scam people.

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  1. sathya devathe

    yes, i agree with the coments made against sizzel properties.
    eventhough i did not transact with sizzel properties but their advertizement regarding A khata for malur, hancharahalli and gundur seems to be not correct.
    A khata and B khata is differentiated only in bbmp limits where ever bbmp has control over the area. In many areas of bengaluru rural and urban bbmp has not added to its list, they are under grama panchayath.
    khata issued by grama panchayath body is a grama panchayath khata and since 2012 onwards many panchayath bodies are issuing E-khata in form 9 and 11b which can be accessed in e-swathu. In some grama panchayaths E-khata is still not issued. Instead Manual khata in form 9 and 11b are issued.
    Now, coming to A khata issued by BBMP in city limits are those where landlord has converted his land from agriculture to residential usage and paid property tax, betterment charges thereon and has complied other rules are called A khata this is also a mannual khata. Almost all Nationalised banks trust this khata and provide Loan for construction or purchase & construction for this type of Khata property.
    B khatas are other than A khata where landlord has not converted his land usage from agriculture to residential usage, paying tax fixed for agricultural land, not paid any conversion tax and not paid any betterment charges but still has formed sites for residential purpose all these come under B khata.
    Now grama panchayath khata is not A khata even though land conversions are made, property tax are paid, conversion tax is paid and proper approval is obtained. Only hand full of banks come forward to provide loan assistance for purchase & construction or construction like DHFL and Canfin.
    Villages such as gundur (Sizzels Park fields), kodigehalli (Sizzels sunshine cost), Hanumanayakanahalli – malur (Sizzels Atlantis) and others are still in grama panchayath limits and are not covered by BBMP or Malur muncipal council.
    Since A khata and Panchayath Khata (where E-khata is not issued) are manual Sizzel property claims Panchayath Khata as A Khata.
    So, I support the comments made against sizzel properties as its property are A khata.