Sizzle Properties – A khata for malur, hancharahalli and gundur

yes, i agree with the coments made against sizzel properties.
eventhough i did not transact with sizzel properties but their advertizement regarding A khata for malur, hancharahalli and gundur seems to be not correct.
A khata and B khata is differentiated only in bbmp limits where ever bbmp has control over the area. In many areas of bengaluru rural and urban bbmp has not added to its list, they are under grama panchayath.
khata issued by grama panchayath body is a grama panchayath khata and since 2012 onwards many panchayath bodies are issuing E-khata in form 9 and 11b which can be accessed in e-swathu. In some grama panchayaths E-khata is still not issued. Instead Manual khata in form 9 and 11b are issued.
Now, coming to A khata issued by BBMP in city limits are those where landlord has converted his land from agriculture to residential usage and paid property tax, betterment charges thereon and has complied other rules are called A khata this is also a mannual khata. Almost all Nationalised banks trust this khata and provide Loan for construction or purchase & construction for this type of Khata property.
B khatas are other than A khata where landlord has not converted his land usage from agriculture to residential usage, paying tax fixed for agricultural land, not paid any conversion tax and not paid any betterment charges but still has formed sites for residential purpose all these come under B khata.
Now grama panchayath khata is not A khata even though land conversions are made, property tax are paid, conversion tax is paid and proper approval is obtained. Only hand full of banks come forward to provide loan assistance for purchase & construction or construction like DHFL and Canfin.
Villages such as gundur (Sizzels Park fields), kodigehalli (Sizzels sunshine cost), Hanumanayakanahalli – malur (Sizzels Atlantis) and others are still in grama panchayath limits and are not covered by BBMP or Malur muncipal council.
Since A khata and Panchayath Khata (where E-khata is not issued) are manual Sizzel property claims Panchayath Khata as A Khata.
So, I support the comments made against sizzel properties as its property are A khata.

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