Sizzle Properties – fraud company

Reported By: jaydubey

Contact information:
Sizzle Properties

We purchased the plot of sizzle properties recently in the layout name called jrelite which is located in below address

Survey no.61, old madras road, huskur village, bidarahalli hobli, bangalore east taluk, karnataka-560049.

As per the layout plan and agrement jrelite was with boundaries with cement bricks closed on all the sides.

Recently they destroyed the wall at one corner of jrelite and given the way to the new layout adjacent to jrelite.
As of now there is no other way to this new layout, for new layout jrelite is the only way for the access.

As per the sizzle management simply they answered as.

This new layout belongs to one of the partners of the sizzle and they can’t oppose them by closing this road.

Jrelite have only small 30 feet roads and opening the layout for others will cause inconvenience to jrelite residents.

And also this is not a secured becuase all the walls in new layout are open and jrelite have closed walls already on all sides with proper gates.

Sizzle management cheated the jrelite venture by giving the way to this new layout, this every thing is happen in the background by sizzle properties management, now sizzle management creating some drama as they are not aware about this new layout before forming the jrelite venture.

Who will believe all these bluff by sizzle,
Please don’t purchase any plots from this fraudulent/cheating company.

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