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Reported By: Sanjib Dey

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Posted: Sanjib on September, 23 2017 05:09 PM The Softpayz Company changed t… To Mr Fraud (Softpayz)
Fake Support Team
Used Fake 15 Numbers
No Address given your website
Unbelievable Chitter and blackmailer

Mr. Fraud (Softpayz) now you proved your self that you are one of the most popular fraud businessman who are see the post of Mr. Sumit Das and the story is given by you. I challenge to you I write everyday against you in every where and one day come every one known as a fraud, chitter, blackmailer and destroyed fake company. Just wait Mr. Fraud (Softpayz). If Mr. Sumit Das mean that I am the same person then you can see in Google post or if you want to talk with me then I provide all my details to you like my residential address also the phone no. of mine. Please note down my number it’s 9681344346. Your softpayz company wrote that I purchase materials but I didn’t give you the money till now. But Mr. Fraud (Softpayz) your drama is not established to the normal people. Would you like to accept my challenge to call me the number which is given by you in your fraud website or mail to my mail ID can you accepted? I know you can’t because you are blackmailer and your company established as a fraud. Dear Mr. Fraud (Softpayz) it’s very funny drama you wrote. I ask you simple question Mr. Fraud (Softpayz) What is the the Electronic Showroom in Kolkata? Where is the company located that mean can you provide the address of the company Mr. Sumit Das allies of Mr. Fraud (Softpayz). Can you give the registered mobile number of the Electronic Showroom? I strongly replied you that you have never reply my question if you have accepted my challenge then post again and reply on post every one see your answer and already understood you are fake and fraud established company. You proved yourself as a blackmailer. You are doing a criminal offence because you misguided the people and used “India Complaints”.
Now Mr. Fraud (Softpayz) don’t want to play game with the authorities of our related investigator in our India. I am very hopeless to think about your Fraud (Mr. Softpayz). Your best luck is very bad. Your company’s Goodwiill now beg to everyone to resque. You now accept my challenge and reply my question to post here. Then I very thankful to you and if you are a honest person I hope that you may reply to post. It is very unfortunate that you change your policy a funny joke story.
Thanks for your new designation “Fake Story Writer” Your think the people are foolish like you to read your story and believe. Give all related reply if you are being a man, Ha Ha Ha Ha……….

Your Story is given below attached here : “Dear Sanjib,
A new comment has been posted against the complaint “Beware of Fraud company named softpayz” you have subscribed. Please visit below link to view comments.

Attitude : Neutral
Comment : My name is sumit das and I have own my electronic showroom in Kolkata. Last month a man name as Sanjib Kumar dey was come my showroom and purchase a sony home theatre price of Rs. 9800.he bargain too much and lost my 4 hours time. He beg for product for his family. So I kind to him after that I give him the product in Rs. 8000. He pay only 500 Rs. And tell me the remaining payment he will done tomorrow. But after the day he come and tell me that product was fake and try to cut his rest nerves to sucide for threaten me to take 20000 for fine. I say that give me product but he donÁt carry product on my shop. He threaten me to give Rs. 20000 and if I donÁt give. He will raise lots of complain on Google and many reviews complaints website. Also he threaten me to go to police or consumer forum. Sanjib Kumar dey and his wife sudipta day is a fraud and blackmailer family. Please take strong action for the same.
Posted By : Bookmytvshow corp”

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