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Reported By: Sanjib

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I hope you taken my case seriously as my previous request. I want to say about the company, I given already the number which they are used a various number. I given the all number to our local P.S and cyber crime branch. They assured me to track those number now my friend call me and proved the maximum number are fake. So it’s our success that the fake company used fake number and fraud like this way.
The crime branch are found a number whose name is Mr. Ajay Kumar. Now it’s going to proved fraud and fake. Yesterday Mr. Ajay Kumar call me at 2.44 am. I think the company pet like this people to disturb everybody which is a criminal offence. So step by step the company is going to be a ban from the India.
They never fraud to anyone when the administration of India ban their company.
Sir, I request you from my heart please catch the people who are frauded everyday with so many people stop them immediately. I always believed and trust about justice if you are not help us how can I get justice Sir.
I know that you may disturb everyday I wrote you the same thing but one thing Sir from 10th August to till date they are looking my patience.
Sir, It is possible if you are with us to stop them immediately. Please see the matter and taken a step if proved they are frauding. Please do the necessary action as early as possible.
Thanks with regards
Sanjib Kumar Dey

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