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Reported By: Sanjib

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Dear Sir,

I don’t writing about the stolen money but I want to know about your ___________ business ? How many people are fraud in a day by your company. How much total fraud money you earned from the people for the long long ago. I am very wish to know that how many people fraud by you in a day and approximate money you earn in a day. I hope that you don’t to do the work like this and the day are coming soon. Those who are frauded by you they will come together and complain against your company. May be it should ban the company by the Indian authority if proved to see all the documents and verify. You can try to fear so many times by the phone with various people to us. More than time you ask the people to send the ATM Card No, Date of Expired details and also CVV No. I think it’s a criminal offence of the Law. But you have a several policy to fraud the people.

However who can stop you, it’s coming soon as a massage to you and investigate to proper way. Mind it whatever you can do but you can’t to purchase the legal justice, which is running with his own way no body can stop them.

We again request the all people who want to start the Mobile Recharge business please see and search the google about the “fraud company named softpayz”. It will closed just for a few days because they are frauded to take the money and enjoy them self.

All the concern authority known already about the company, after investigation they will taken action against them,
So don’t worry the “Softpayz Company Team”. Wish you all the best.

We the people who frauded by you.

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