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Reported By: Sanjib

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Respected Sir,

I would like to request you again that the company named “Softpayz” till fraud with me. Yesterday I complain against the company after that they call me with so many different number and then when I phone to them they cut my phone. I think that it’s proved that the company is totally fraud.
I would like to request you Sir, my money of Rs. 6588/- till their custody and they told me again about the ATM Card No. Date of Expired of the card. I think it’s a crime to ask anyone of ATM Card details. They told me again card to card payment but I don’t want to provide them my card no. Today I send them my all Bank Details again after that I call him who phone me at 10.16 am when I ride a bike. Then he again call me at 11.55 and asked again want to talk I told him that I can’t provide you my ATM Card No. Then now I call me but he cut my phone instantly. I send you a screen shot you can see the company call me at 2.44 am. They are used most probably 10-12 mobile number. I provide you all the number.
Sir, yesterday I request you that no one can help me about that matter and solve the problem. I trust my nation and I hope you take the matter seriously and taken necessary action. Is it possible, if proved the company is fraud and taken money most of the people and after that they don’t give anything to work so they are arrested by the administration and ban the company forever.
Sir, previously I complain so many times but no result till now. I request you that please search the company and call them as your power. I believe that my complain is to be taken seriously by you and get proper justice give me. Please track them and their phone number. How they run their business till now. God will never forgive. I don’t know what’s your process to solve but I trust you to get me refund the said money.

The following mobile Number given below which they used and different man talking with me and told me I am from Indian Complain Board. Please tell me what your problem. They now taking a new way to fraud me.

1. 9097668475
2. 8156003304
3. 7562849864
4. 7836891839
5. 7274826705
6. 7407933775
7. 9534208206
8. 9534923951
9. 7063499930
10. 9522332125
11. 9522332126
12. 8637523034
13. 7998520138
14. 7282887327
15. 8081091373

Sir, how is it possible the company used the number and threaten me and used dirty language I have all related documents against them. A different man phone me by the provided number and told me so many question like ATM Card, threaten, Bad language. When I complain to you again one person call me and ask me the ATM Card number which number is 8081091373 and I told him that I can’t provide you my ATM Card No. then he cut the phone.
Sir, again I request you please give us the remedy how to come out from the problem. I complain to my local police station and also cyber crime cell also. If I get your mail ID then I will provide all the documents.
Thanks with regards

Sanjib Kumar Dey

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