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Reported By: Chetan Jani

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After complements I would like to register my strong complain against service and behavior of one staff Mr. JaiKishan. I was traveling by SG-61 from Ahmadabad to Muscat on 05th May 2017. Since we have only one choice and you enjoy complete monopoly from Ahmadabad to Muscat sector we travel by so called budget airline.
Now after paying for ticket in full in advance and it was informed by you or rather convince me to book advance meal during journey it is certain that I will get some food and beverages in flight. And you provide very good decorative in flight menu also with highlighted letters in red that YOU MAY PAY BY INDIAN CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS. But, to my surprise your staff refuse to accept payment except CASH. They had a argument that card machine is not working. This is just eye wash only because the fellow passengers acknowledge that this is normal practice and always some or other passengers have heated arguments with airline staff. After boarding the flight it is very simple for you to give excuses as the passenger have no choice and he or she is totally your mercy.

I ordered one cashew nut tin and one lemon drink Nimboos and was asked to pay in cash only. And on inquiring they take back the stuff they serve but meanwhile I opened the Lemon drink bottle saying that I will pay after alighting from flight. And this is quite fare and never refuse to pay I could have paid you anyhow. But your staff JaiKishan told me no he will not allow me to consume the drink and threatened me that he will compel me to pay before getting off from flight. God know how he would he say and why was he so confidant about that.

But I am sure he must have full support from Airline to do such rowdyism and recover only cash to generate unaccountable income your your airline. Could you please clarify that is this is a normal practice to collect cash only instead of accepting cards payment ? And if yes you may remove the highlighted instruction of accepting cards from all the pages.

After hearing from you I will go to next steps as when I was ready to pay for items I ordered in full how you can insist that you can pay only in cash. And the most insulting was he took back opened bottle and I am sure being a sincere employee he must have encased it with some poor ignorant and illiterate passenger on returned flight. But this is not done and I need explanation as I paid you full fair and you have to convince and compensate me for the trouble and insult I suffer.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Chetan Jani – 00-968-99502466

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