Tammy Bennett – 36 inch outdoor glat top gas gripp griddle station –

Reported By: Tammy Bennett

Contact information:
Tammy Bennett Coudersport

On January 06, 2019 an order was placed online at the SUPERSHOP, for a 36 inch outdoor flat top gas grill griddle station – 4 burner-propane fueled – restaurant grade – professional quality – with new accessory side shelf and new grease management system, Model 2. Payment was successful at that time and charged to my bank account. To date, May 15,2019 the SUPERSTORE order has not been delivered! I am no longer able to log on the website to check the order status. I have a confirmation payment order id:201901062234460098646. There is no other contact information to speak with someone in regards to the order. I would appreciate delivery of the merchandise or a prompt refund for may payment.

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