University Canada West (UCW) – bad – very bad, in fact

Reported By: Jesse Nickles Jesse Nickles

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University Canada West (UCW)

It is one of the worst-rated institutions in our entire database at CollegeTimes, and we have over 15,000+ schools.

Despite primarily advertising their MBA program, it is not AACSB accredited, and the school functions largely as a student visa mill for international “students” looking to [illegally] find jobs in Canada (which the Canadian government is apparently okay with, more below).

One of the answers on this page written by David Mike, a fake person that does not exist (a hired spammer from India) was also posted word-for-word on our CollegeTimes profile too, from an IP address in India. Two other fake “positive” reviews of UCW were posted on our listing from that same IP address just minutes later, using the fake names “Sunny Stokes” and “Irvine”… blatant consumer fraud, which is par for course with UCW. Within 24 hours his answer here had already 11+ upvotes on Quora, also quite suspicious.

UCW was founded by Peter Chung, a Korean businessman who fled California to Canada after being convicted of 10,000+ counts of consumer fraud there and being banned from the higher education industry (he’s never returned, nor served out the punishment ordered by the court). His company, Eminata Group, have been repeatedly sued and investigated by local and national government agencies in the United States and Canada. However, because Canada’s higher education system is teeming with fraud due to lax regulations (designed to attract international students and boost the Canadian economy), it has allowed — incredibly — UCW to continue their scam, even after newspapers revealed that UCW was paying millions of dollars in bribes to Canadian officials in order to retain the inaccurate “University” title for their campus.

If you think the new owner of UFW, Global University Systems, is any better, well refer back to the fraudulent reviews they are posting on Quora, CollegeTimes, and other online directories. (For years now, their staff has attempted to bribe our team, and post fake reviews on our site.) The truth remains that their “University” title is illegal and inappropriate in Canada, their programs are not properly accredited, and the school remains primarily a visa mill, which is why some students never “complain”…

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