The company verture technosys. Bangalore. is completly fraud company and is not registered with MCA if anything happens we cant do any thing. This company is giving job only through Backdoor process and not legally.They are charging 40k. Now tell me one thing, if it is a good company and if they want to recruit candidates why they asking money to us, Every candidate is taken through backdoor process only so that means even a person who doesn’t know anything about programming will get a job provided he has the money to pay. Now tell me how can a company survive if they recruit such people.
This company is only providing backdoor means the money to this company is not coming through projects, its coming through these agents and they do not want good workers they just want there money.
This company started only 5-6 months back so there is no proven track record of the company nor its registered. Have a look at their website http:// by looking at website itself a sensible person can make-out that it is being created by an inexperienced person. There are so many grammatical mistakes in there website. By looking at such a pathetic website will any client give projects to that company.Atlast it is a fraud and cheating company in bangalore.

varun mehra
verture technosys is located in jp nagar 2nd phase bangalore.

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  1. This company is made my life. Before you pointing fingers to others make sure you hands are clean! This is good company. It is a best place to start your career as fresher IT professional. Very few companies hire freshers and this is one of them. About taking money for job, you fools, it is just a security deposit, I got it back in time. This company is doing all legal business. Here you can get to learn a lot of things. If you are a lazy cat and you don’t have any experience still you show as a experienced candidate. Then definitely no organisation will bother you. Now more than 35 people are working in this company. They all are happy over here.