Verture Technosys – It is fake company..pls dnt go…seriously pls listen to my words

This fake company is located in jpnagar east end (on top of muthoot finance). They will ask 30 k to 50 k deposit from employees and they wont give salary anything. Main thing is that ur life will go. There no system in that company ..If u join there u wont gain knowledge anything there the people wont know english itself. Nobody know who is ceo of tht company but one guy from tamilnadu madurai he will tell i am ceo of this company and he dnt have basic english communication too. even trainer is also tamil guy he also dnt know anythng but thy will mind wash u and make u too join..pls dnt join…me and my 5 more friends left tht company..Think and make ur path in gud way..

7 thoughts on “Verture Technosys – It is fake company..pls dnt go…seriously pls listen to my words”

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  1. Please do not blame a good initiative. Although this is a new company but it is good company to start a good career. I am getting salary in time. Ask 45 of my colleagues and seniors they all are getting salary in time. Here you can get a lot to learn from.

  2. Hi,,Today i want to that Company they told me to join on friday …that asked me to deposit 30000 rs ….can you give the Real information about that company becoz the comapny profile is good only now

  3. hi I’m went today for interview ,they asking for 3000 rs for deposit and this money after three month they refund full deposited amount,is there real or fake company ,if anyone get salary for working. please reply me fast

  4. Maximum Comapines ask either bond or money deposit he is asking both….understand one thing we keep bond means it is compulsary to work in that company only upto the bond completed then why he is asking the fixed deposit…one thing Ajay Barama is one of the partner in that comapany…so my suggestion is beware about these types of company