voonik – Regarding non-delivery of Item (Lehnga)

Dear Sir,
It is to inform you that recently I have ordered a LEHNGA from Online purchasing via Voonik with Cash on delivery option with reference of my e-mail ID- [email protected], and Mob.No.9411923687.

Confirmation was received from the web that the ordered item will be delivered to me within 3-4 working days.

But after 10 days, only a single DUPATTA was sent to me within a slim envelope (packet) and no any LEHNGA or any big envelope, as it used to be, was available with that packet.

Having not found any LEHNGA or any Big Packet with that slim packet, I refused to take that delivery of item and instruct the postman to take it back as it is.

There has gone a fortnight for this incidence.

Suddenly, yesterday I have received a phone call from +1291-180-9532 two times one at 19:13 hrs. and another at 19:18 hrs and also receive again a phone call at night from +918866497417 at 23:01 hrs. The person from that side on the call spoken a very silly and rubbish language and blaming us that “we have not returned their store back. We have returned only DUPATTA and not the LEHNGA and consumed it. He also blamed us that some penalty will also be charged on us and will be deducted from my bank account.”

The question arises as to why I would be penalised for whatever item I have not received or for whatever item I have not been delivered. Moreover, your company representative is blaming us that I will be penalised.

For more information and confirmation you may approach to the postal departments regarding non-receipt of the said packets from the company itself.

It only implies that services offered by Voonik are fake and they are likely to trace customer’s secret User IDs and Passwords and highly confidential bank account details and PINs of the customers via web as that is the only medium any customer has to use and make use of its secret User IDs and Passwords and highly confidential bank account details and PINs. It also seems Voonik e-portal is not likely to deliver any of the items whatever they show to their web pages to the customers on website and it seems they are running a racket of tracing secret User IDs and Passwords and highly confidential bank account details and PINs of the customers.

Request the higher officials to arrange to make a stop on all these above calls to my cellular phone number otherwise I would be bound to appeal and file petition in the court.

Thanking you

Anil Kumar Parindra
[email protected]

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  1. totally a worst website.i havent received my order yet.really dont understand when they cannot deliver the product y they even have started with a website.m litreally regreting on ordering something from ur website.

  2. Hi Anil,

    We are sorry to know that you upset with us. As discussed over the call, we will look into the issue and we will take the necessary action.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Voonik

    P.S: For more clarifications you can contact us on 08066667777 or [email protected]