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Reported By: Satya Prakash

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I purchased a fridge of whirlpool 215 IMPWCOOL PRM 3S 08132 Grey Titanium -E70676 dated 13/05/2017 on Rs.14600/- . after some time fridge are not cooling in proper way , Then i call the customer care of whirl pool no. the company person are note the complain No. LK0617005645 about our product and said to me, the Company Technician are visit your fridge and then the Company technician are visit the fridge and make the report and sad to me the fridger of the fridge are damaged and this part of the fridge are change by company and gas charging are chargeable at @ 1200/- and he sad If the company person are carry the fridge they charge Rs. 800/- from M2 Haiderabad Colony BHU to his Workshop on Pichas Mochan and He charge Rs 500/- with me, I agree with him and fridge are snd to the whirlpool workshop and the company person are give me a Estimate of Whirlpool paper, He did not give me any receiving of our fridge. After Three or Four days i call to the Whirlpool workshop then they are Inform to me your fridge are more damage and his Cooling Condensor and fridger are make the change and these parts of the fridge are some of Rs. 4000/-are chargeable with me. I am gave the reference of the fridge warranty /Guaranty and i asked him about Guaranty but the company person can,t cooperate with me and he demand Rs. 4000/- about repair of the fridger.

Thanking you
Satya Prakesh
Sr. Assistant
Department of Zoology BHU
Varanasi -221005

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  1. whirlpool Support

    Dear Concern,

    Our team has shared a quotation for the work to be carried out on chargeable basis. We are eagerly awaiting your confirmation/approval on the quotation. Please reply for the same.

  2. whirlpool Support

    Dear Concern,

    We’re sorry for the experience you had. This concern has been raised with our service team. Our service team will get in touch shortly with an update on this concern.

    Whirlpool Support.