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Reported By: Achil Malhotra

Contact information: Yatra.com

With reference to this Yatra booking id 150964557182, booked in the name of Achil Malhotra. Flight no. SG150 for 20th Oct travel.

I would like to get an explanation on the amount of refund being credited. The airline has refunded an amount of Rs. 979/- and you guys have happily deducted Rs.500/- as promotional discount given and Rs. 100/- as service charge and refunded the balance.

First of all it was not a cancellation, I had missed my flight. You have extended the discount on the entire purchase not on the refund being given by the airline. Giving Rs. 500 discount on Rs. 3800 and deducting the same from a refund of Rs. 979/-. Is it logical? Do u think customer is a fool???? You should deduct on pro-rata basis if you have too.

Rs. 100/- taken as service charge. Where the hell was the service provided? You guys didn’t even know if the customer has boarded the flight or not. Did u help us in initiating the cancellation with the airline? You guys were not in the picture while all this happened. Just just because your portal is used as a mediator that does not give u any right to eat customers money.

Highly unprofessional behaviour. I want my entire refund amount to be credited back into my account without fail. I will escalate the matter if the same is not done.

Disgusted with your working style….

This was a mail sent to Yatra people but no response have been received till date.
I am expecting a complete refund from them for both the tickets which is Rs 979/- per passenger out of which they have only refunded Rs 379/- per ticket and have deducted Rs 600/- as their service charge for cancellation of ticket which is not acceptable since we had not cancelled but missed our flight.
Also, they were not even aware whether we have non-boarded or boarded our flight, then how can they even ask for a cancellation charges when we ourselves contacted spicejet customer care
and got the refund.

Is there any role of Yatra here?

I would request you to pls do something on this.

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