Very very disappointed to management of awok!!!
they will deliver you your item incomplete, and no one will call you to inform, you have to chase them many times to follow up the pending order that has been paid long time(credit card). then the Fetchr will deliver guy will asking you about your payment!!!… the management of awok must ensure to forward the correct info / details to the courier company. very annoying that they asking you payment for the items that has been PAID ALREADY!!! till now my pending items ARE STILL PENDING!!! what kind of job is this?

very poor service… and the customer service / agent are useless asking question they know already the answer. But they cant answer your question back. Telling one of department will call you back, then they call back with nothing and telling you no problem mam. blah blah blah.. pretending everything will be ok but NOT OK and telling someone will call you again!!!

Do not order to awok and experiece the worst night mare of your life!!!

transaction 149087 / order number 5637397578 / order number 0721155964

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  1. Airina Q.Andrade

    Very dissapointed with the poor service of Awok. I have purchased EverBrite Deluxe Motion actived solor light. I made sure that I cut open the cover with a cutter and not with hands. When I openned the box, the light is not working. So I returned the item immediately. Now more than 3 weeks passed I’m calling the customer service to check on my refunds. Still my refunds not processed. Today they are telling me that the outer box of the light is damaged. I have cut openned it with cutter and it’s not damaged….without opening the box, once cannot check the light.

  2. Very very disappointed in their service!! I just ordered and when I Received the shipment 1 item was missing. I called them many times to follow up to deliver the other 1. It’s going to 1 month no update and no action from them. Very poor customer service and they are telling lies, 1 staff told me For delivery and I’m waiting for so long but until now no.That’s the first and last time I ordered. Just an advice don’t ever order in Awok it will give you headache!!!

  3. Dear noribel

    Am very disappointed in the way you have written your review , I expected much more from a fellow Indian expated living in Dubai , you had a choice of either paying them cash or credit card when they arrive , and you choose to pay it before it got delivered . Their management might have been bad and unorganised but the way you acted also plays role , the delivery personnel only know one thing , am delivering item number 1 to person A , he doesn’t know if you paid or not their job is only to delivery.

    Please say sorry to the company of awok , this was your mistake and your mistake alone

    1. notdissapointedindian

      You are totally out of your mind to blame him. I have done online shopping in India via Amazon and Flipkart and paid through credit card, but the people who delivered my products knew that I had already paid. If an online website gives you the option of paying by card and delivery to your house, it is their duty to make sure that you have no difficulty in getting the product. It is in no way the customers fault and he shouldnt have any trouble receiving something he’s already paid for, I can definitely understand the frustration and the way he acted.

    2. John Rajesh did u ever try the awok flash sales or just giving free advice because you feel like spreading your free gyan. In flash sales you have to pay by card.
      I also expect much more from you as a fellow Indian do some research before giving advice. It would be better or else you will make a fool of yourself.

    3. john,

      You first understand that noribel is a customer. It is the company “awok” responsibility to make sure what the delivery guy should do while delivering.
      If i order by saying i will pay by cash and when delivery guy comes if i say i have already paid, then the delivery guy will go or what?.

      Think logic.