— Bad service – pathetic follow ups

Order id – MCO-7800226-010316
We ordered 18 items on Monday early morning and scheduled to come on Wednesday evening -7:30 – 10:00 instead of Tuesday morning because we work the nights . Because of high call volume i couldn’t get connected to their customer service and the delivery did not happen. I received an email after 11:30 pm Wednesday that the delivery is scheduled for next day- Thursday morning- 7:30 to 9:30. They also modified my order by cancelling around 7 items. I also didn’t receive any proper response through the communication hub, the window they have as chat response. Even though a ticket was created as 5436520, i didn’t receive any resolution from it.
The delivery was not made even on Thursday morning, and on the call made to customer service, i requested them for full refund and cancellation of my order. Instead the executive assured that with her team’s confirmation they can deliver by same day evening. The reason for not delivering in the morning was the products are out of stock(veggies).But the App was still not showing any out of stock sign on the products when i checked for new order the same time.
And even 3rd time they didn’t deliver, said instead all the products are not in good condition, so cannot deliver until Sunday.
Their logo is
But with my experience it is evident that 2 out of their 3 moto is absolutely deceiving.
They were happy to cancel my order by the end of Thursday and till the end no courtesy email was drafted to me.

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