– Cheating on Flight ticket booking

Reported By: Rajkumar R

Contact information: Kuwait

I have booked a flight ticket through on the 25th March 2019, to fly from New York to Dubai through Azerbaijan airlines. I was directed by the search engine KAYAK.AE for the ticket booking through . I got an instant confirmation and an amount of 1781 dirhams was deducted from my credit card. I just got a confirmation number only but no e-ticket. I was informed intially within 24 hours I will get the e-ticket, then later after 72 hours. I never received any e-ticket. A dummy airline reference number came up with the ticket which when I checked with the airlines directly revealed it is a fake booking or a scam. I have tried contacting them several times, but each time a different person send a reply that my e-ticket will be issued soon but until date nothing has happened. I am flying to the US very soon but I feel very sad that I have been cheated by CITYBOOKERS.COM

Please never ever book through them though they offer a bit lower price which is our weakness for them to cheat us easily.

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