CityBookers – ticket scam

Reported By: TomaG

Contact information:
CityBookers Kuwait City, Kuwait

Dear Sir/ Madame,
By 2nd of April 2019 the online ticket was purchased with CityBookers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Verifying the booking details online yesterday this looked cancelled, we never did that. Searching the internet, we found a large amount of complaints against CityBookers. Also the website appear to be under maintenance. Prior purchasing the ticket due to several failures of using a freshly issued card by FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank), we approached the Bank. The in charges warned us about suspicious activity but we insisted in accomplishing the payment.
The image of the fake airline ticket its attached.
route: New York(LGA) to Norfolk (ORF)
American Airline DFGKLR
Booking number: CB2187183
Traveler 1: Mr Toma Gabor, Ticket # 0012346270303
Ttraveler 2: Mrs Anamaria Tolvai, Ticket # 0012346270304
Date: 25th of June 9 am
Please assist us in solving this issue.
Kind regards,
Toma & Ana

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