Fake calls from Tikona Internet Service

Dear sir, I am getting some fake calls from Tikona Broad Band service from delhi and they are telling that they are going to filling a case on me with in one hour and they are telling one of the company manager told them to file a case on me. this is ridiculous because i already paid my bill in 2012. I called to the customer care and this is a complete a fake company and there response is very improper and they are not bothering about people. How dare the fake people are telling that they are lawyers and still they are daring to talk with the people. The number are that i received calls are from 011 48484650. please take action on tikona service and the company is totally fake and ridiculous

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  1. arijit dasgupta

    In India there is no unity no wonder such fake lawyers exist.
    I never subscribed for tikona – never heard of this shit and lawyer calls me hahha!!.
    i tell him to prove first his identity and next i told him to go hunting for that person who availed of tikona service. there are many persons in india with same first and last name.

  2. the worst decision of selecting a broadband operator seems to be Tikona. I hope their should be prepaid facility to avoid this kind of situations.

    While getting connection they said everything is free like getting new connection no installation charges, disconnection anytime. But after applying for disconnection they offered me new offers and asked me to continue the service.

    Finally after a month later, I am getting call from a fake lawyer saying you have to pay 3000 else will file a case against you.

  3. This is from Tikona network legal dept. Problem is that they are not well organised. I have disconnected my network from tikona in October, they called me about fifty times for confirmation about disconnection. I have shifted my acomodation in October and at the same time an authorized technician from tikona has disconnected my network and signed the final disconnection documents but still they are sending bill. This shows that how worst they are organized. They are not worth doing business.