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Reported By: Shilpa UAE

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Unnecessary Interest was being charged in my credit card bill every month from Jan 2017. Whenever I called to customer care to know why interest was charged.. every month they try to give some reason like you didn’t pay the bill, amount was short paid etc etc when I told them to check my statement then they used to accept that it is wrongly charged and used to reverse.
It kept repeating on all the months. Then over representative told it’s technical error so kindly call us after getting bill every month we will reverse it.
Now they came up with one reason saying as you are doing money transfer. Infact as per my credit card benefits I’m eligible to do free money transfer twice in a calendar month provided if I spend aed 500. And now they are saying even if that money transfer is not due you need to pay it before your last bill due date. Example my bill date is 28th of Aug. On 10th of SEP month if I’m doing money transfer, it will be due only as per next statement which will be generated on 28th of SEP. However they say to pay money transfer amount before 18th of sep which is my due date. Today one of their representative today they won’t reverse the interest charged in sep 28th bill. And he closed my complaint ref no also.
Unnecessarily charged interest since Jan 2017 and reversed such interest if and only if it is questioned. And now demanding to pay amount even if it is not due yet.
Wrote many mails no response. Is there anybody in FGB who can provide justice to me.

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