Freelance – agrity is a fraud company

Agrity is a fraud company, one Qube infolab is a pimp who have good website will bring to Agrity taking a big amount from you.
Agrity will cheat you in a highly professional way, making agreements, giving software etc Agrity takes the money from you ; but you ll never get any money back, they will say “your quality of work is just below the margin”, motivating you to register again investing a huge amount…if u ask for what are the wrongs in my work, they will never say what is the wrong or in which part the work, their business is not transparent. while you call them ask them ; if my work is fail, can you send me back the file showing where the problem is…. they will never send… they will say “you have only 60% accuracy….”
they make the indians foools, and ruin the future of new generation India,…
lets us join hands together against these cheaters and lets make a Darna in Janpadh, Delhi against this social evil…. concerned authority has no much rule to trap these frauds…… at least we can save some new generation youths……
realize this

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  1. This allegation is totally wrong over Qube infolab,
    Because i am working with them for last 5 months and they are providing proper work and billings..

    If u need any clarification mail me i can show u all proofs, You might have not worked properly so you
    cant say they are wrong.

    They promptly responsd regarding prblems they can only do what ever they can do.

    Its upto us if we work we will be paid if wont how they can.

    Rahul and Chetan