Freelance – Data entry work scam and spam

Reported By: Ram

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They are giving daily 2 links.with 5 days. Every link have 100 images and per day 200 images converted to word.and i am complete my work in 5 days.after that i receive 96.66 accuracy.suddenly they are asking money for code activation.i didnt paid.and today I got id password.but i can’t transfer asking 1591.not paid. I think they are very fraud.please take a immediate action.

How to file a complaint against Freelance?

* Go to page
* Write Freelance in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Freelance.

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  1. Send your number bro ..i want my money what I sent to them..plz do something bro .. they should be punished bro ..I’m not we’ll settled person I hope this money only ..but they are not a humans they r cheering fellows

    1. Hello don’t give they will not give salary or refund. With me also they have done same thing. Be careful with agents rishi

      Regards vani

      1. Hi Shilpa, I am Nisha from Kochi..i too lost money nearly 2300..i didn’t pay then, as i found out in Google and youtube about the running scam..we formed a group in whatsapp and have reported to cybercell. Not much progress in the case. Agent Anju had called me. Please feel free to contact me 9400336845.

    1. I am also please give me number for my clarification about this job details don’t take me mistake iam asking u r num because i paid 654+1951+35for this job

      1. Me to paid the same amount and now they have sent a Welcome Letter and asking to select one option among three. In that they are asking to pay 8313+25 Rs to get the full salary of Rs. 62200/-

      2. when you have paid bro I also paid yesterday itself please reply me when have to received data entry work from message pls contact Instagram page 7178.jenny