Freelance Sai Archade – Not providing the Salary for the Work Done

Reported By: Ramya Sakthivel

Contact information:
Freelance Sai Archade Andhra Pradesh

Received SMS from BH – AdsMSG to download 200 Image files and to complete the work in Word File and to submit the work within 25 Days. Within the time limit I submitted the work and received a msg stating to enter the code and received an IVR call that my accuracy is 96.66%. To Enter the code they collected 691/- and after that they collected 1591/- for the salary to process. Then they sent me a Welcome Letter with 3 options to again make a payment. They only give us a UPI ID and told to transfer the amount. After that they told my salary is 62200/- and asked me to pay 10% to release my salary. I received the calls from the Manager & the Finance Team. After that i made a payment of 6220/- to the UPI ID paymentday@kotak and asked to send the screen shot. Once the screen shot has been sent they told the salary will be released within 6 HRS. But still now i dint even receive a single penny from their end. Their contact Numbers are 8790188730 / 9849128167 / 8142956619. They are all fake. Please do help me out in getting my paid amount back.


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