Freelance – Not giving salary and they asked some amount to get salary and 3805 I paid till now

Reported By: Karpaga Valli

Contact information:
Chennai, Tamilnadu

First I got a sms that u r selected for the job 200 images finish work 25 days with 70% accuracy salary is 65000. And Amrita a girl approached me on whatsapp with details of the project. They didn’t say about any charges. On 7th July I started my work and finish on 26th july within 20 days I finish this work. I mail that word to someone. I send a screenshot to her. After I send a work getting a call some code that send to her. But the code is not clearly said bz its a voice call. I told her but she said pay 683 for the code and I shouted her y don’t u tell that before giving project and I paid that amount. After I get a sms that ur PayPal account has been activated ur salary is 59666 but insufficient balance we failed to process. Maintain minimum balance to get salary I asked her she said pay 1556 and I paid that amount too. After I get a mail from Human Resource Dept. & Outsourcing partner (HRDOP)
UK outsourcing IT services ( FINANCE TEAM DEPT)
925 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Its says 93.33% accuracy report for my work. And if u pay full processing refundable amount u get 59666 in 48 hours and if u pay half amount u get 29333 amount till 3 months in 72 hours . And if u not cleared u get 4333 amount in 7 days and rest of the amount will be auto debit to company. So I’m getting angry and I asked her about it. She said pay 8333 u get ur salary. I’m not going to pay this 4333 is enough for me. She said 4333 is not coming to ur account. I asked why but she said nothing. After I got a sms from projob You will receive payment on 11 Aug Monday 4 pm, ask your agent to apply OTS (One Time Settlement) option and get paid your total amount. If you miss this option, you can’t receive payment in time. This option will be closed exactly in 24 hours. Whatsapp agent immediately & get your payment. I asked her what is this. She said to pay 2223. And I asked many questions but she didn’t answer any of my questions. And later I received a sms they asked my Google pay number to send another number I send it. And I received this Those who received payment to your GPAY/ PHONEPE/ PAYTM please send reference number to agent, if you paid 1566 and still not received amount, please wait an hour. If you have not done 1566 do it immediately to ukfinanceteam@kotak or kkpkpsk@okicici Last time to clear is 6 pm only. Later we cannot accept. So. I asked and paid 1566 amount to that id. And send a screenshot to her and that number. After i paid that still not getting my salary. After sometime I received this, If you have not paid, don’t worry as per request time has been extended till 11:59 pm today, send amount to ukfinanceteam@kotak or kkbkpsk@okicici , if you don’t pay, your salary amount & your paid amount will be on hold. Don’t wait for agent. Auto Pay is enabled , once you pay send screenshot to whatsapp 9885864293. Automatically you get amount. But till now they didn’t pay. And I received this sms, Thank you for sending reference number, soft copy of payment slip will be shared in 24 working hours to your registered email id. If you still not received the payment, clear that outstanding amount immediately. Almost time is going to expire @ 11:59 pm today. Pay & send screenshot and get amount. Once you get amount. send us reference number. Today 11th Aug till they didn’t pay me and totally I paid 3805 (683+1556+1566) they didn’t refund me also. Now asking about her my salary and refund amount she didn’t answer my question and I called her she didn’t pik. On that july 20 days work I’m 9 month pregnant on 28th July Im having my baby in my hand. Its really hard to work on 9th month but I need money thats y I work to that company, address is Top Floor, near Ramalayam, siva Nagar, Marripalem,Vizag, Andhra Pradesh 530018. Her name is Amrita 91603 24725 and another number is 98858 64293. I need my money back and salary for my work.


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