Reported By: Gregorio T. Daga

Contact information:
GOSHOPTO MALL TASK PLATFORM im not sure if Indonesia. I just base it on their partners wherein 3 of those are locatednim Indonesia.

These happened to me only yesterday, May 10, 2022. I was convinced by these platform since its a part time job and at present i dont have a job for almost 2 years since the start of pandemic. They intriduced themselves as a third party merchant of Amazon wherein they go by the name on the internet/social media as Amazon Pro. They posted they’re ads at Facebook. But someone feom their company contacted us to join a part time job that will gain commissions. The task is they will provide various items from other clients who purchased from Amazon and we as what they say as traders, will be the one to pay the purchased items from these client at our own pocket and in return will be commissikns based on the SRP of the product. At first it was ok. They will credit to your account the commissions, but these products has only minimal amount. So i guess its ok on their part to give the commission at once. They did not explain the process that every time tou will update your account, the prices of the commodities is keep going higher and higher. They will provide task on each category you will select, on which on my case Ive reached the VIP3 wherein there are 5 items that you will pay ln behalf of the merchants who purchased the item. In order to withdraw your principal llus commission, you have to complete the task or you wont be able to withdraw not a single penny on your account. I was able to complete to pay the 5 items and all of the sudden, i was about to withdraw the principal and commission, when my last task was deleted feom my account and tbey changed it with a. much higher amount. But then I already paid all the 5 items which they sent to my account on their portal. Up to now they are denying that I only finished and paid 4 items. Luckily I have a screenshot on the 5 items I paid via gcash. This is when i realized that these is a SCAM and i was a victim. Upon checking their partners, 3 of them are located in Indonesia, 2 from the Philippines, and one is Amazon itself.
I just want my money back at around 48,000.00 pesos. I alao filed a complaint with amazon and facebook. Amazon will revert back to me after 24 hours of their investigation. Can I also file a complaint against Amazon since they are a partner of this merchant? They also have a certificate, Goshopto, issued by Amazon. As per our conversation last night via email with amazon, its look like the certificate is genuie but they will still have to check the background of the company. So i still have to wait for a day. Im still hoping that my pricipal amount will be reverted back to my account.
Hoping for your help on said. matter.
Thank you very much.

How to file a complaint against GOSHOPTO MALL TASK PLATFORM?

* Go to page
* Write GOSHOPTO MALL TASK PLATFORM in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from GOSHOPTO MALL TASK PLATFORM.


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  1. Ayrah Blanca Bugaring

    Hi, I would like to ask if there is a progress on the complaint filed? I am also one of the victims

  2. anonymous victim

    even if you complete it like i did, the platform will not unfreeze the money. instead, another 1 task 8 order will automatically be released. a d they will say that you need to complete to unfreeze the account. it is a SCAM. if you really think about it, there is not money behind that frozen figure to back it up. it’s a scam to get money from stupid people like us hopung for big income easily.

    and do not fall for those services who offers help to hack their account and retrieve the money for you. they will ask for a service fee and then when you pay half they will suddenly say that the software they purchased is priced differently and needs to pay the remaining balance. it’s another scam. and it’s all connected.

  3. shiena marie cabidog

    Sir im also a victim just yesterday,and it really made me so sick using all our money with this scamer people.GOSHOPTO